The Hayden and Lamar Valleys of Yellowstone–
Drove out of the campground at 5:00 am and drove to the Hayden Valley and at the end of the day drove to the Lamar Valley. Today was overcast, cool and we even had thunder, lightning and rain. August sees most of the large animals having moved up the mountains toward cooler climates so one is less likely to see grizzlies and moose. Black bear and even large herds of elk are less likely to be seen when it is hot in the valleys. Bison though, do not trek up the mountains and large herds can be seen throughout the park. We saw quite a few of them in the Hayden and the Lamar Valleys yesterday along with an occasional elk and many pronghorn. The bison are getting ready for the “rut” and can be heard bellowing as they walk along. An occasional head butt with those huge, hard, majestic looking heads can be seen. Some elk hang out around the built up area of Madison as predators are less likely to be in the area. We spent some time in both the Hayden and the Lamar Valleys yesterday and saw an occasional elk, prong horn, sandhill cranes, lots of bison, and geese.

Mammoth Campground–
We’re staying in site #32. Have excellent internet connection with our Millenicom/Samsung Hotspot. Also, the Verizon phone works well here so we were able to take care of some business just parked in our campsite and Jerry was able to transact some stock option trades.

Yellowstone Travels–
Traveling to the Lamar Valley from the Hayden Valley we first went to the Lake Yellowstone Hotel hoping to hear some live music. They do have a string quartet and a pianist at the hotel but mostly they perform in the late afternoons and evenings. We stopped at a few of the wonderful geothermal areas along the way as well as visiting Artist Point and enjoying being a tourist at the Falls and the beautiful canyon. In the late afternoon we stopped at Roosevelt Lodge to sit in their Adirondack rocking chairs on their porch, relax and watch the thunder/lightning storms roll by.

Hot Tips–
It was at Roosevelt Lodge while sitting on the porch that we heard there were six grizzlies eating a kill that morning in the Lamar Valley. We got directions for location and, no slouches we, off we went to the Lamar Valley. The grizzlies apparently had finished the meal and they were long gone when we arrived. But, we heard that another opportunity might present itself early in the morning so we left with a plan to return to the Lamar Valley early Tuesday morning.

Internet connection–

This blog was posted on our Millenicom/Samsung Hotspot right from our campsite in Mammoth Campground.

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