Cody, Wyoming–

We overnighted in Cody, Wy. Walmart after leaving our boondock site near Yellowstone. Spent the day doing laundry, buying food, and buying gas ($3.59/gal. reg).  Also used the free RV dump site near the airport in Cody and weighed the motor home at the abandoned truck scale near the airport.  You just have to peek in the window to read the scale.  The truck scale is perfect for weighing the entire motor home,  each wheel separately and each side separately. This is important to be sure that the motor home is not over the gross vehicle weight rating and that the weight is reasonably well-balanced front to back and side to side. Too much weight effects breaking ability, gas mileage, tire wear, etc. and thus plays an important role in safety. Happily, our motor home weights were under the safe limits and is well-balanced. That was good news for us because after two years of full timing, it is so easy to start overloading the motor home with “important stuff”.

Wind River Canyon, Wyoming–

Our route to Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area from Cody, Wy. took us through the Wind River Indian Reservation, through Wind River Canyon and along part of the Wind River. Wow, this area is starkly beautiful! Western Wyoming has wonderful geologic features. We stopped repeatedly to take pictures of the area and couldn’t stop exclaiming about the beauty we were seeing.
We find that one of the hardest part of posting a blog about beautiful areas we visit is to choose just a few example pictures of the many pictures we have taken.

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area—
Went to the Flaming Gorge Dam, Reservoir and Visitor Center and took the free guided tour of the dam which took us down into the power plant works. Having toured the Glenn Canyon Dam and Hoover Dam, we realized this was a smaller dam.  The tour guide was animated making the building of the dam and the functioning of the dam interesting and well worth the time it took for the full tour. We had read there had been a couple of river otters seen at the bottom of the dam recently but we weren’t lucky enough to see them.  We also looked carefully along the Green River but saw no river otters.
Drove part of the Flaming Gorge-Uintas National Scenic Byway seeing the west in all its geologic glory with so many spectacular views as it likely was seen by the earliest visitors to this area.

When we left the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area we headed to Dinosaur National Monument. It was getting late in the day and since we hate to drive in the dark, we pulled of the road in an unmarked gravel/dirt pull off and boondocked there. We were only a few hundred feet from the road but this is a lightly traveled road (191) and hardly traveled at all at night. Our boondock site turned out to be quite and peaceful with the gift of a fabulous sunrise that lit up the sky and some of the areas geologic features.

Despite the fact we appeared to be in the middle of “Nowhere” at our boondock site, we had excellent internet connectivity with our Millenicom Hotspot without needing to use the Wilson Antenna to boost the connection.  We did buy a Wilson Antenna ($299.00) to boost our reception of cell signal and Internet signal. Used it in Cody, Wy. and did see a slight improvement in speed of our internet connection and our cell phone signal was stronger.  The antenna was placed on the roof and attached it to one of our solar panel metal frames and left it there even when driving. The antenna seems to ride on the roof just fine and does not appear to be in any danger of falling off.

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